Monday, May 3, 2010

Earth Holy Days (Pagan Sabbats)

These are the mark of the seasons that have been used to honor the Great mother and Earth for much of human existence. Seasonal worship was not only common to Europe but to Africa, Asia, Native Americans, South Americans, and Aboriginals. I state this because our western culture has much racism and tends to make herstory and history more Eurocentric.

Many ancestors from all the ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Incan, Mayan, Sumerian, etc) understood the great cycles of the Goddess & the Earth and her key periods of power and release.

February 2
Festival of Renewal. The time of Initiation.
Time to dedicate and re-dedicate your life to the Goddess. Can be celebrated with binding ceremonies.
first signs of spring and new life.

March 20-22
Spring Equinox
Ruled by The maiden and the number 3.
Time of fire and fertility festival. Balance between our feminine and masculine energies, light and dark, and our spiritual and physical lives.

May 1
Festival of Expectation
Time of the lovers, honoring sacred sexual union, and fertility rites. Beginning of the light part of the year.

June 20-22
Summer Solstice
Ruled by the Mother and the number 6. This is the time of greatly energizing our creative projects and works. The time of abundance and wholeness. Nurturing ourselves and others.

August 1
Festival of Reminder
Ruled by the Amazon and female warrior. Time of the first fruits of the harvest.

September 20-22
Autumn equinox
Ruled by the Matriarch.
Time of the festival of thanksgiving and the main harvest. The bountiful mother.

October 31/ November 1
Festival of Remembrance
Time of rebirthing the self. Honoring of death, the ancestors and the sacred darkness. The veil between the worlds are at their thinnest. Beginning of the dark part of the year. Significant time for divination and sorcery.

December 20-22
Winter Solstice
Ruled by The Crone and the number 9.
Beginning of winter. Time of self-reflection, clearing, and solitude. Rebirth of the sun god by The Great Mother.

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