Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Goddess Basics

The Goddess Basics

(1) Directions
There are 12 directions: north, south, east, west, ne, nw, se, sw, above, below, within, without

(2) Elements
There are four elements: air, water, fire, earth
Listed are the Goddesses, numbers, seasons, times of day, moon cycles, directions and items you can place on your altar.

air rules - crone, 9, winter, night, new moon, north, incense
water rules - mother, 6, summer, mid-day, full moon, south, chalice
fire rules - maiden, 3, spring, morning, waxing moon, east, candles
earth rules - death mother, 12, autumn, afternoon, waning moon, west, crystals

(3) Work with Light
This site is light based and so we recommend that you work with light but honor and respect the dark. There are two kinds of dark: the great darkness which gives birth to all and the lower dark which is the shadow and fear.

(4) Get Very Clear About Energies
Be clear about what kinds of energies and beings you want to work with before getting into the occults.

To begin you can work with: your divine self, your higher/Christ self, your spirit guides of light, and your guardian angel. You can also invite ascended masters, saints, angels and archangels of the divine light.

(5) The Goddess accepts your gifts.
Know that whatever you offer to The Goddess, a stick of incense or a grand ceremony, if it comes from the heart, she will take it.

(6) Injustices Against The Goddess & Women (Past-Present)
There have been many injustices against women throughout the ages. These things have occurred as a way to make women inferior and to take their power away. By being aware of them, we can heal them as a collective and also send light to the female ancestors in our past so they can be more supported in their truth.

Domestic Violence,Female Genital Mutilation, Foot binding, Female Infanticide, Forced Sterilization, Honor Killings, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Sex Trafficking, Sati, Denied Property rights, Denied voting rights, Clothing restrictions, Denied fair wages, Denied to enter certain job fields, 2nd class citizenship, Considered the weaker sex, The female body viewed as a sinful place, Women said to be born of Men, Hysteria, Nymphomania

(7) There is only One Source.
There is only One Source. We are all in and of it. Love creates all things.

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